Roasting is our specialty, Gas,Coal Or Wood. - Company Message
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Every roast we do is with pride and love!
Warning: All grills that we use at events are heated to 250*f and above. Always assume they are hot! 
Oh yes, summer is here! We have moved out of Penn and Market street market to Peddlers Market located just off 83's the Newberry exit 1/2 way from Harrisburg PA and York PA beside the Susquehanna Speed Way. 
This market has many events planned for the weekends all summer and into the fall. Come out and see us. 

Eventthis weekend Saturday April 19th: The lawn tractor pulls. These little tractors will astound you with how much they can pull and how fantastic the drivers are. 

Closed for Easter.

Needs for your evens? We stile have our 5 lbs trays priced at 45.00 each. this will get you 15 to 17 sandwiches. call 3 days a head to place order. we can deliver them to you or you can pick them up at the Peddlers Market Saturdays or Sundays 

May has been booked up.
We still have spots open in June if you are planning an event and would like us to cater your event. 

June 14th is booked but still have openings for other events.

July we have the first week 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th booked up. other dates that month are open.

August we are open for events.

Charity events: As much as we would love to do charity work for everyone we can not. We are a profit running business and must show a profit. With that stated, we have decided to support 4 none profit events a year with a donation back of 10% for each event.
                 Biglerville PA.
May 16th Relay for life event

                 Gettysburg PA.
June 14th Eagle riders cancer charity ride.
July 9th Battle field Harley's Bike week,  Coalition for breast cancer.
July 10th to be determined. Battle field Harley's Bike week day 2. 

Private charity events We cater and charge a pay in full amount and we will donate 10% with check mailed to event planner or host.

We make sandwiches for Charities and fundraisers Ask for pricing.

Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey just to mention some of or great choices.

We take our time to make sure each pulled pork, roast beef, chicken or what ever we roast is done with love and consistency. We will never change to a cheaper way of doing things and leave quality to chance. If you tasted our pulled pork 2 years ago and now it will taste and have the same great quality you came back for.
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