Roasting is our specialty, Gas,Coal Or Wood. - Our meats smoked roasted and fresh
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Every roast we do is with pride and love!
Warning: All grills that we use at events are heated to 250*f and above. Always assume they are hot! 

Weekly safety tip!
Never let foods with eggs or milk products set out in the heat. Bacteria will grow very fast when food reaches temps of 65 to 110. If you must let them sit out for long periods of time put the products container in a larger container that has ice in. Make sure when the ice melts the water can not reach the product. This should keep your summer salads safe in the heat and help keep everyone from getting sick and enjoying your great side dish. 

  We do our product the old fashion way with time and wood charcoal smoked and roasted.  All of the real pit masters do it this way and will not sacrifice taste or their pride to do it any other way.

All of our meats come from USDA approved Butchers like Weavers, Reisingers poultry, and from Peddlers market butcher Carl.
Never frozen, never injected, never outdated.  

Oh yes, summer is here! We have moved out of Penn and Market street market to Peddlers Market located just off 83's the Newberry exit 1/2 way from Harrisburg PA and York PA beside the Susquehanna Speed Way. 
This market has many events planned for the weekends all summer and into the fall. Come out and see us. 
Our stand at Peddlers Market. This is our pulled pork, chicken and roast beef stand.

We will be opening our Sub, Salad and Wrap stand soon in the flea market area.

Event this weekend: We have moved to our new Home in the Peddlers Flee Market (number 2 building) Building. Little things to do but we are open and ready to serve cold cuts, Wraps, Subs, pulled pork, roasted beef, chicken breast cutlets and more to come. next week we add our breakrest Two wraps for 5.00 eggs, you choice of meets, peppers or plain

This weekend
Saturday Sunday, Saturday at the Market is puppy day. Come out and pet a puppy or just come out for all the wonderful pets that will be there. We will be kicking off many events at the Peddles Market in August. Sweet corn festival, Humming Bird Winery taste test and contest for tickets to be announce. many more things on the way! 

Also Sunday we will be At John Rudy Park for the Annual Action Church Event. Great people, lots of fun. come out back by the pet park.

And we are working on something special for our teem coming up to be announced when deal is under contract. Look for that in the next few weeks.

Fall is soon coming up. You may want to think of fundraiser and we can help. With our new addition of subs salads and wraps, for all functions.
We can make you trays of sandwiches, wraps, salads, or signal sandwiches, Subs, and wraps.

Needs for your event? Just ask us. we have many options to choose from.

Booking for end of July and August. with August 16th and 17th booked up. Call we still can make our trays of sandwiches, Salads, Subs, wraps, Pulled pork beef and chicken. and we offer sides.
As always you can order as many trays you want one week and pick them up the next! call for info

Our Prices. price per 5lbs tray for pulled pork, chicken $50.00 each. Our smoked and roasted beef or ham 5lbs trays $55.00 each. Regular 4" hamburger rolls 30 count $5.50

Private charity events We cater and charge a pay in full amount and we will donate 10% of net at end of event.

We make sandwiches for Charities and fundraisers Ask for pricing.
Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey just to mention some of or great choices.

We take our time to make sure each pulled pork, roast beef, chicken or what ever we roast is done with love and consistency. We will never change to a cheaper way of doing things and leave quality to chance. If you tasted our pulled pork 2 years ago and now it will taste and have the same great quality you came back for.
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